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Associated Churches
Mission Statement

Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County is a Christian community of faith that is united in its efforts to care for those most in need of material and spiritual support.

Associated Churches will work toward this mission by bringing together the resources of member churches, community partners, and individuals to address priority needs in the community.

Vision Statement

Associated Churches is drawn into fellowship by our recognition of the gift of Christian Unity offered to us through the example of Jesus Christ.

We honor the community of rich culture from which we come. As such, Associated Churches will strive to build relationships that are humane, compassionate, and just while committed to ecumenism that engages and partners with other faith traditions.

Our History

The Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County was created in 1944 by representatives from 23 churches. Today, Associated Churches is a unique faith-based organization that brings together 1,800 volunteers from over 134 congregations to pray, serve, and work together to improve our community and respond to those in need. We do not discriminate against any group or restrict anyone from receiving services from our organization. We serve people from all social, religious, gender, and racial backgrounds.