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To be eligible to earn coupons redeemable at A Baby’s Closet, you must be pregnant or have an infant or toddler under the age of three years and you must be receiving services from a participating provider .

The coupons are meant to be used by the person earning them and may not be transferred to another individual or pooled for “purchases”. Coupons may be used to purchase gifts for another person.

A Baby’s Closet depends solely upon the generosity of others for its inventory. Therefore, not all items are available at all times, however, new and used items are continuously added to the store inventory. Items cannot be reserved, nor can exchanges be made. Donations are gladly accepted.

Available items include:

Baby Gate (2 coupons)
Blanket (1 or 2 coupons)
Car Seat ~ Convertible (7 coupons)
Changing Pad (1 coupon)
Clothing ~ Newborn to 4T (1 to 3 coupons)
Coat, Jacket, Snowsuit (2 or 3 coupons)
Crib and mattress~ set (18 coupons)
Diapers ~ pkg (1 coupons)
Diaper Bag (2 or 3 coupons)
High Chair (10 coupons)
Miscellaneous items (1 coupon):
bottles, bottle brush, cream, hair brush, lotion, nail clipper, oil, pacifiers, powder, Q-tips®, rattles, shampoo, spoons, wash, teething ring, etc.
Onesies (1 or 2 coupons)
Quilts (1 or 2 coupons)
Sheets ~ crib (1 coupon)
Sleeper (1 to 3 coupons)
Stroller (10 to 20 coupons)
Towels, Bath (1 or 2 coupons)
Toys (1 or 2 coupons)
Wipes (1 coupon)

The number of coupons required to purchase an item is subject to change without notice and is based on the value of an item. Coupons expire 12 months after issued. Each family can only redeem one of the larger items, including cribs, high chairs, or strollers. A Baby's Closet is not responsible for items clients assemble.