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Associated Churches

Membership Benefits:

Associated Churches is a local ministry serving the community’s needs through acts of compassion, education and service to our region. We are better together and able to spread Christ’s love beyond each congregation or organization.

Membership offers the potential to work together as Christians more efficiently by collaborating to respond to those in need through various programs. Below are just a few examples:

  • Food from our 26 neighborhood food pantries
  • Baby items to Allen Counties disadvantaged families
  • School supplies and clothing for our children and teachers in the local school system
  • Parenting classes in schools and churches
  • Support for the families of deployed military
  • Prayer

Join us, invest in our community, and help spread God’s love.


Rev. Quincy McGhee -

Tom Heil -

Quincy or Tom will be happy to discuss the process and benefits of becoming a member of Associated Churches.