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Associated Churches

Associated Churches staff is providing tangible and educational support to the students, families, and staff of our schools with the mission of building a stronger, more progressive-thinking, caring community.

Ministry Features:

Community Connectors: The Associated Churches' staff is responsible for working with local schools to help assess the needs of students. Connectors then communicate with local churches to see how their missions and visions can possibly match area schools.

By meeting the critical needs of students in our community, we can give them the tools they need to gain an education and escape the cycle of poverty. Additionally, we have the opportunity to impact an entire family in need by connecting them in meaningful ways with local congregations of faith.

Character Education: Educational opportunities are provided for the children to build better values, make better decisions, and become stronger community members.

Parenting Programs & Education: Associated Churches, in cooperation with social and faith-based organizations and school systems, will offer educational and support programs to empower parents.

Prayer Program: Churches lift up in prayer the needs of all the schools in their neighborhood.

Core Values:

  • Learning to love God and follow the example of Jesus.
  • Developing self-worth in the context of community.
  • Encouraging a team spirit while nurturing individual gifts.
  • Becoming responsible stewards of God's creation.
  • Cultivating a sense of social justice and appreciation of diversity.

How your faith community or group can help:

  • Arrange a visit from one of our Rising Stars representatives to learn more about our success stories.
  • If a visit can't be arranged, continue to explore our website to learn more or call and talk to our staff to become aware of the impact you can make.
  • Take time to pray and consider if God is drawing your community into a relationship with our schools by means of Rising Stars.
  • Begin working with our Community Connectors to match your missionary goals with the needs of our school children, staff, teachers, and families.
  • Consider assisting in the funding of this program so it can not only be sustained but grow as needed.

Rising Stars Brochure